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You know they say laughing adds time to your life? At the rate I'm going, I could live to be an old, old woman. An old, happy woman at that! Daniel makes me laugh (and cry happy tears, too!).  Before getting to know Daniel, the thought of putting myself out there and trying to date again was a little bit scary. I mean, I thought I wouldn't find someone who I was comfortable with and could completely be myself around at all or I'd have to wait until I was 30 or so to find someone who was ready to commit to one person. As time went on, my dream of being happy, young, and in love seemed a little far-fetched.

But, after the first couple of times I spent with Daniel and the more I got to know him, he changed my mind that such people DO exist. Daniel and I have so many things in common, everything from views about life, right down to the small things. The best thing about him, the thing he wants most in life...a family. When I heard him say this, I couldn't believe it at fir…

chocolate molten lava cake.

I'm not normally one for chocolate or boxed cake mixes, but Betty Crocker's Chocolate Molten Lava cake is DE-LISH! I cooked mine a few minutes longer than the recommended time, because I like the outside to be somewhat crispy. It leaves the inside gooey instead of completely melted as well. Yum!

he is lovely.

I had the most wonderful day today! First kisses, dancing, and racing up the steps are only a few highlights of my day spent with Daniel. I loved it.

nectarine salad.

I found a recipe for nectarine salad that I have been dying to try, but I only wanted the nectarines from a local vendor that sells the sweetest fruits I have ever tasted. I finally had some time to go buy a few, and what a delicious salad they make! The salad made an excellent side item for a roast beef sandwich! Yum!

closer than ever.

I have so many blessings in my life that I need to remember to be thankful for everyday! One is my sister. While she technically isn't considered my step-sister anymore, because her father and my mother split, she has continued to remain in my life as that red-head spunk of personality. Blood or not, she will always be my sister. She recently decided to transfer to a college in Alabama that is only three hours away. She we're planning day trips, weekend trips, concerts, study sessions, you name it. I get so excited just talking about it!

i have a sweet tooth craving.

Shoney's has the best deserts for cheap prices. Yummy!
And, sweets are even sweeter with family.

this weekend.

Spending this weekend with my lovely sister and my handsome Daniel was wonderful!

sister time.

My sister is in town until Wednesday!

what i've been listening to lately.

I hope you enjoy!

this week.

This week has been extremely eventful for me. And, I am sooo thankful for all the things that have happened in these last seven days.

001 & 002. Momma bought me this pretty headband. When it comes to mothers, I couldn't have asked for a better one! I think I've eaten more ice cream this week than I have in the past year. While grocery shopping, I found this teeny-tiny Ben & Jerry's ice cream cup. Because I gravitate toward anything small and cute, I had to get it.

003 & 004. This mango-peach green tea is my new favorite, sooo yummy! My friend, Alexis, flew in from California, so on Wednesday we spent some time with some old middle school ours. After church, we spent hours reminiscing on how goofy we were. I've missed them so much!

There are so many more things that happened that I believed are deserving of their own posts. I am amazed at how fast life can change, and I am incredibly happy with this change.

I hope you had a lovely week!

summer welcome.

Ahh! I'm a college student! Whaaah? Today was the orientation for all incoming freshmen. I'm all signed up for classes and what not. You know, I thought it wouldn't be so dramatic for me because I have spent the past two years in a college setting. But, I was wrong. The idea is so surreal, and I had a hard time even comprehending that I was sitting with my advisor picking what classes I will take next semester. So, I guess this is the start of my new adult life.

the hunger games trilogy.

I actually read this trilogy quite a few months ago, but I think they are worth sharing.

The trilogy includes: The Hunger Games Catching Fire Mockingjay
Author: Suzanne Collins

This trilogy sort of reminds me of George Orwell's 1984 and Twilight's love triangle fused together, but without the vampires. It's no literature masterpiece, but rather an enjoyable read (which there is nothing wrong with). It kept me on my toes, with plenty of suspense, I just had to know what was going to happen next. It has an interesting twist I wasn't expecting, and gives vivid details of post-apocalyptic North America and the 13 colonies that now inhabit it.

sunflower fields and broken wheels.

Handsome, isn't he?! I think so.

I don't even know where to being this post, because I am still in complete amazement and at a loss of words.
Last night, I made plans with Daniel to go on a small road trip to see a sunflower field that he knew about. The area we drove through was absolutely beautiful! After passing the field with no sunflowers planted this year, he decided to make worth out of the trip and show me where he had grown up. The place he had spent his childhood seemed like a place you'd only see in movies. Seriously! It was a small town, with a cute little white house close to neighbors and a general store (ha, yes! A general store!).
One the way back, his car kept making a scratchy/grinding noise. I looked in the side mirror only to find that his back tire was wobbling really bad. So, he pulled into a driveway, and he did the manly thing of tightning the bolts on the tire, and hoped it would be the fix of his wobbly wheel problem. We got back in the car, and …

independence weekend.

001 & 002. On Sunday, I went up to the bluff to go rock climbing with my friends Ethan and Jojo, and our friend Drew joined us later. I can't remember the last time I had so many cuts and bruises on my legs. Ouch!
003 & 004. Later that night, Allison (whom we all call "Oopie"), Robert, and Ivy caught up with us to go downtown to the River Walk to watch the annual Fourth of July fireworks. We walked what seemed like forever to find a good spot to see the fireworks. I wore rubber flip flops for the first time this summer (yes, i know summer is half way over, but I hate rubber flip flops!), and I got a disgusting blister from them on my toe. So, I had to walk back to our car barefoot. But, it was well worth it. The fireworks were beautiful!
005 & 006. Today, Momma and I made a flag cake to celebrate our nation's birth. YUM!
007 & 008. What's more patriotic than the American flag on a cake, and pink lemonade?
009 & 010. Sparklers!
011. What was I think…


Yesterday, I went to Nashville Shores with my family, and invited Daniel along. I brought a disposable waterproof camera, and I'm quite pleased with the results. Aren't these pictures so funny?!

a week in photos.

This week was a really good week, with a couple of crazy moments. I got to go to my first minor league baseball game with Daniel! I couldn't help but laugh when he drop his newly bought bratwurst on the ground and made a noise of utter disbelief that he had just lost his expensive bratwurst to the floor. I bought some sunflower stamps, and got to try them out. Mother got up early and made me breakfast 3 out 5 days this week. Fruit cut by your momma always tastes sweeter than when you cut it yourself. I'm reading "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis, all I can say is...auh-mazing book! I watched "Roman Holiday" with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Such a cute movie! 
Have a good weekend!