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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


It's homecoming week at our university! The campus is decked out in the school colors, and there have been tons of different events going on all week. Ashley and I met up around noon, and spent the day together visiting with family that was in town, drinking coffee, and going to the homecoming football game. There's a kind of feeling around school that's like a buzzing excitement in the air, and everyone is very festive. What an enjoyable fall event.

These Fall weekends have been so relaxing and enjoyable; It's definitely my favorite season, and this fall is even better than usual, since I get to share it with Miss Ashley.

 Ashley loves blogging and taking pictures, but she decided to allow me to jot down a few quick sentences for this entry. Hope you're not offended!


guess what!

I cut my hair. 11 inches gone. What do you think?

what i loved about this weekend.

001. Spending it with a lovely man. I'm not a high speed kind of person at all. I enjoy weekends at home, watching movies, and just making conversation while playing a card game., and occasionally going out. Daniel's the same way. We spent this weekend walking leisurely walking about the Farmer's Market, enjoying some coffee and donuts, and daydreaming about our life together while driving home on the back roads.
002. Gourmet Burgers If you know me, you'd know that a burgers is one of my favorite foods! I have never been to Red Robin's Gourmet Burgers, so we stopped for some. Uh, DELICIOUS!
003. Completing two things on our Fall to-do list. We made plans to go to an apple orchard this weekend, but when we got there, all the apples had been picked. Not letting that spoil our trip, we stopped by the little country store that was at the orchard. I tell you, the smell of Fall was that little store. Apple cider, sweet jellies, yum, yum, yum. We picked up some apple cider and…

toothy pumpkins

Fall has officially arrived here in Tennessee! It was all of 53 degrees today, so I had to pull out my big coat so I wouldn't freeze to death.  On Thursdays, Miranda and I have a 3 hour break in between classes together. We decided to use our spare time by taking a trip to Wal-Mart to get some tiny pumpkins and plastic vampire teeth to make these cute little vampunkins.
Ha! So cute!
(We used googly eyes and sewing pins for the eyes.)

this weekend.

The weekend was rather wonderful. Most of the time spent was with family and just relaxing. I think my favorite kind of days are those where you wake up, and you have no crucial schedule you need to attend too, so you just lay in bed and and savor the calmness of the morning and the take delight in the soft light that has seeped through your window to greet you. The rest of the day unfolds by you doing what ever you feel like doing. A little thrifting, a nap here or there, a movie that you can't stay awake through, so you fall asleep just because you can, cuddling with your sweetie under a soft blanket, breathing in the crisp fall air, and spending time with people who mean a lot to you.
That was this weekend.

fall break.

We've gone to visit Daniel's parents for Fall break.
Have a lovely weekend!

fall to-do list.

Daniel and I have many things planned aside from just enjoying our time with each other this Fall!


I love my handyman!

a friend.

My favorite kind of friendship starts in second grade and lasts through high school and beyond. The kind of friendship that helps you get through the hard times in life and gives you some really great memories. Yep, that's my favorite kind of friendship.
Oh hey, Miranda! I didn't see you reading there. :)

goat festival and the symphony

This weekend Daniel and I traveled down to Lewisburg to visit his family and attend the annual goat festival. I love how close his family is! We spent all of our time together playing cards, watching movies, petting goats (I didn't pet the goats, I just looked!), and eating our meals together. Spending time with Daniel's family gives me hope for what our family will be like in the future! On our way back home, we stopped in Nashville to eat dinner at Demos's and see the Nashville Symphonywith our friends Thomas and Alicia. Daniel and I got to Nashville two hours early or so before the performance, so after we ate, we walked around downtown Nashville a bit and daydreamed about our the rest of our lives. The performance was lovely and completely opposite of what I anticipated. For some reason, I had this preconceived notion that I would fall asleep because it would be so boring. It wasn't, and I loved it!
Have a lovely Sunday!

we act like kids.

One of my favorite things about Daniel and I is our comfort with each other. Normally I'm really camera shy when it comes to posing for a picture, but I can do it with him taking the picture. I am also like that he lets me take pictures of him!


Yesterday, Daniel and I took a trip down to Chattanooga, TN. I brought my camera, but unfortunately forgot my SD card was still in my computer. So, no pictures of our trip:( But, we plan to go again, and I will definitely make sure I have it for next time.
We spent our day antique shopping at Knitting Mills Antique Mall and browsing the little shops nearby, which is where I found my cute little drawing book in a design shop.
If your ever in Tennessee, stop in Chattanooga!