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10 things

01. My hands are so small that I have to hold Daniel's pinky and ring finger.  02.The beautiful flowers and greenery that have consumed Tennessee. 03. Sandal weather! 04. Daniel's sister -in-law is having a baby girl! 05. I found out my university is going to offer a class  for Adobe Premier. 06. Kinfolk Magazine. You guys, I 'm so in love! 07. English Rock Cake. 08. Clips to keep my "to-short /too-long stage" bangs back.  09. Our new blog layout. 10. The stuff I'm learning in my web design class.

Day Three: Westminster Abby

Unfortunately, these pictures do not give this 1,000 year old church justice! It is so breath-taking, with marvelous sculptures that decorate the exterior and interior of the building. This is the church that the recent Royal Wedding took place in. I wish we were able to take pictures of the inside, because it held beautifully crafted tombs of past kings and queen of England. It was, however, kind of creepy that there are over 2,000 people buried in the floor.
Also, the best decision we made on our trip. We brought our L.L. Bean boots. With London's weather being really, really cold and really, really wet, we were really toasty and dry.

Westminster Abbey is incredible. It's really difficult for me to describe how awe-inspiring it was to stand there in a medieval church surrounded by the graves of all of England's best and brightest. I'm a huge Isaac Newton geek, and so getting to see his grave was special. Ashley and I also attended an Evensong service with a …

billy collins is not a cocktail

It just so happens that America's former poet laureate Billy Collins came to our school to give a reading of some of his works, and Miss Ashley graciously agreed to come along with me! She is admittedly not much of a poetry buff, but despite this, we both really enjoyed his performance. After the show, I was able to get my well-loved copy of Sailing Alone Around the Room signed by Billy, too! Overall, a very enjoyable evening.


One of my favorite teas is Lady Grey. I got this bin in London. And my, oh my! is this loose leaf tea delectable!

Day 2: British Museum & The Tower of London

I absolutely loved this part of our trip! A visit to these places had my mind spinning with questions about the world and the time periods people from pasts lived in. The British Museum housed artifacts from all over the globe, including the Elgin Marbles, an Egyptian collection and The Rossetta Stone.

Upon visiting the Tower of London, a certain interest in the Tudor period was sparked within me! The Tower of London was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror, the last person the ever conquer England, to protect himself and the city of London. Did you know, King Henry VIII had five of his six wives' heads cut off in the Tower of London? Well, he did! Insane, I know! But, the beheading thing wasn't the thing that necessarily interested me. It was the rich history of the English nation. It is full of conquests, saints, monarchs, and so much more.


Picture a building in which every aspect of its construction is an example of excellent craftsmanship. Picture this building …

Day One: Bus and Boat Tour

The first day we arrived in London was quite miserable for me. We landed in London around six o'clock in the morning, and by that time we had been up for nearly 40 hours. We weren't allowed to lay down or take a nap as soon as we got to our hotel; it was a measure to fight jet lag our trip's administrator's came up with. Instead we went on a bus and boat tour. The very fact that we were in London did not really occur to me on the first day because I was suffering from fatigue.
I was so overwhelmed the first day that I didn't ever really feel all that tired, just hungry and cold; there was so much interesting stuff to see, I couldn't possibly have felt sleepy! We stayed up alllllll day in order to fight the jet lag, and that was the longest I have ever been awake (it wound up being just shy of 40 hours).
     P.S. Airline food isn't nearly as bad as everyone says.

where we've been.

We've been in London for the past week.  We leave tomorrow afternoon. We'll tell you all about it when we get back!
Ashley and Daniel