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10 things: daniel

1. Skipping stones on a creek in the summertime. 2. Finding good books cheaply at thrift stores. 3. NPR. 4. Nice old people. 5. Summer break. 6. Playing through my old piano sheet music. 7. The New Yorker magazine. 8. Fresh bread. 9. Drive-in movies. 10. Home cooking from the best cook in the South: my mom!

Artist Feature v.4: Mary Yaeger

Name and blog name (if applicable): Mary-Katherine Yaeger. The blog I use most is Tumblr. I post my jewelry pieces and latest art works there. 

Tell us a little bit about you:
I’m 19 years old and I’m an unusual character. I like dressing in 1920’s and 1950’s fashion, but adding my own unique “gamer” style to it. A long with video games, my other passions include jewelry making, illustration, and talking about oceanic life. Ask me a question and I’m sure I’ll find some way to incorporate an octopus or whale shark in there somewhere. 

Where did you study?
I currently attend Craven Community College in North Carolina, but for the fall semester I will finally be transferring to East Carolina University’s school of Art and Design for Animation and interactive design. 

How long have you been painting/drawing/illustrating/etc?
I’ve been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. It wasn’t until the past few years I decided I actually wanted to do some form of art for my career.

How did you get started…

10 things: ashley

01. I'm taking a watercolor class this summer. 02. I'm finally getting rid of my silly car, and getting a more sufficient one. 03. I made all A's last semester. 04. Daniel got me the cutest vintage dress from a thrift store.
05. Starbucks passion tea lemonade. What a perfect summer drink.
06. Being able to spend more time with friends due to summer break.
07. Summer break.
08. Good pens.
09. My hair is long enough to put into a small pony tail.
10. Getting a little bit of a tan.

days like this.

Sundays are my favorite days of the week. Taking short naps after lunch, only to wake up to a thousand possibile ways to spend your afternoon. Something extra special about today,
Daniel came to visit.
We spent our afternoon at the creek, playing in the cool water and basking the the warm sun.

this guy

I sure do miss this wonderful guy.  I sure do love it when he plays guitar.


Is it just me, or do puppies' breath smell like coffee? Daniel's sister-in-law got a puppy, and named him Charlie. He's staying with Daniel's parents, until Lynn and Curtis come to pick him up from Arizona. I want him.

Artist Feature v3: Laura Caldentey

Tell us a little about you: My name is Laura Caldentey and I'm behind Lauryn Green's blog. I love to take analog photos, drawing, sewing, food, cooking, films and animals. I live in Spain in a little island called Mallorca and I dream of travel around the world with my camera.
Where did you study? (if applicable) I studied art for two years in high school, and now I'm studying audio and video in Mallorca (Spain) where I live.

How long have you been painting/drawing/illustrating/etc? I've never stopped drawing. Since I was a child I love to draw. I remember that I started to learn how to draw copying my favourites animes. I drew comics and cartoons for my friends, just for fun. But in these past months I've been drawing a lot more. I'm also doing animation (stop motion) with my friends, I love that since I was a child too. In university I've learnt photography and some cinema skills and recently we did our first short film called "Daydream". I wrote …

i've got friends in all the right places.


When you have friends like these,  all you need is a camera to document their silliness  and a golf cart to ride around and enjoy the lake
when it is rainy and foggy outside.

Artist Feature v2: Dawn Derman

Name and Shop: Dawn Derman from Redbird Cottage Art I have been painting for about 1 1/2  years.
Where did you study? (if applicable) I took a couple of classes in watercolor about 2 years ago, and have been painting ever since.  I love the unpredictability of working with watercolor - it seems to have a mind of it's own.  I love to pick up a brush and know that I can create something unique each time I paint.
How long have you been painting/drawing/illustrating/etc? I began taking my creative life seriously about 6 years ago - a rather late start in life.  At the time I was working in fiber arts and creating primitive hooked rugs.  I sold and exhibited at a gallery in Wisconsin, where we were living at the time.  I discovered etsy then and opened my first shop.
What inspires you to create art? The natural world surrounding us is my greatest inspiration.  I feel drawn to call attention to the wonders of God's beautiful creation.
Which of your artwork pieces is your favorite?
Are there a…

there's a bird singing outside.


There's just something wonderful about waking up early
without the help of an alarm clock,
just the warmth of the morning sunshine one your face.

i want to illustrate children's books.

When I was registering for my classes for Fall 2012 semester, I got really frustrated because I wanted to fit almost every class into one semester. I was constantly adding and dropping classes; I just couldn't make up my mind as to what I wanted to take first, a class the I am desperately desiring to take, or a prerequisite that I need to eventually take. Agh! You guys, I just love being an art major! I have so much to learn, and I'm ready to just soak all of it up! Sadly, I have to learn in increments of semesters rather than doing everything at once. Now the spring semester is all over and done with, and I am anticipating summer classes in a month. You may think me lame, but I just couldn't go a WHOLE three-and-a-half months without taking another class to learn new design applications and techniques.
This semester was spent finishing up all of my foundation classes, so I spent much of my time experimenting with printing techniques and watercolor on my own. I'm so h…

Artist Feature v1: Stacie Beers

Name and blog name (if applicable):  Hi there I'm Stacie of Curious Damsel, nice to meet you.

Tell us a little bit about you:
Hello, I'm Stacie, my corner of the web is Curious Damsel. It is a place for me to express all of my artsy finds, adventures, curious thoughts and photographs. I have a weakness for playful ideas and peculiar things. I am a creative designer, photographer, illustrator and maker of pretty bits and bobs.
I am a conceptual thinker and experimental designer with an open mind and I wear my heart on my sleeve.I have recently moved to Western Australia from the UK and I am loving the sunshine! I like to go for picnics in the park and bicycle rides with my lovely fiancĂ©e Bradley. I love going on adventures, swimming and one day i hope to own a 1967 chevy impala. 

Where did you study? (if applicable) I studied Design and Art Direction at Manchester Metropolitan Art School in the UK. I loved university it was the best time of my life, not only did I have the freedom to…