this week.

This week has been extremely eventful for me. And, I am sooo thankful for all the things that have happened in these last seven days.

001 & 002. Momma bought me this pretty headband. When it comes to mothers, I couldn't have asked for a better one! I think I've eaten more ice cream this week than I have in the past year. While grocery shopping, I found this teeny-tiny Ben & Jerry's ice cream cup. Because I gravitate toward anything small and cute, I had to get it.

003 & 004. This mango-peach green tea is my new favorite, sooo yummy! My friend, Alexis, flew in from California, so on Wednesday we spent some time with some old middle school ours. After church, we spent hours reminiscing on how goofy we were. I've missed them so much!

There are so many more things that happened that I believed are deserving of their own posts. I am amazed at how fast life can change, and I am incredibly happy with this change.

I hope you had a lovely week!


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