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hello. my hair has gotten longer.


last week of summer.

Next Monday, school officially starts. Let me tell you! I am excited as ever. Partially because I won't have to sit in an office 8 hours, 5 days a week, and Daniel won't have RA training anymore.

Speaking of RA training, the Housing Office hosted a Lip-Syncing contest that all the RAs had to participate in, and guests were invited. So, I of course went to see how silly Daniel was going to be. What group you were in depended on what dorm you were assigned to. He is assigned to Harvill Hall, and his theme was "numbers." They used songs like "5150" by Dierks Bentley and "867-5309" by Tommy Tutone. it was HILARIOUS!

While Daniel has been sooo busy. I've been occupying my time with friends, riding bikes, crocheting, and wishing Daniel was playing the guitar for me.


the sweetest gift!

Last Christmas, I gave away a small Christmas tree ornament that I had made myself as way to say thank you to my followers. A girl that had so kindly left the sweetest comments on my blog won that little gift.

We became friend on Facebook and would exchange conversations. She lately told me she had a gift she would really like to send me!

Victoria sent me the most gorgeous tea box you have ever seen with such a kind note!  I am overwhelmed by how generous her gift was! Thank you, thank you, Victoria!

Go read her blog. And, if you can't read German, she take beautiful pictures!


he's away at R.A. training.

Oh, how I miss the smile on his face when I walk to the entrance of his dorm building, that sweet little wave he gives as we walked toward each other, and our dinners together while playing Yahtzee or cards. Three days is a long time to be away from someone you love so much!


weekend fun.

Daniel got a job as a resident assistant at school, so he's busy training for that. Meanwhile, I spent my weekend with lovely friends eating hot dogs and smores by a campfire.
Summer is almost over and school starts back August 27. Fall weather, scarves and boots are in sight!
p.s. please do tell me about your weekend!

life lately

Daniel and I celebrated our one year anniversary on July 28. We decided to keep it low maintenance and not spend much know, cause we're poor college kids and all. No matter though, we enjoyed being in each other's company much more. We spent a lot of time outside, Daniel worked on his bike, and I watched him, us conversing with each other.
I spent most of my weekend working, drinking the tea that was an anniversary gift from Daniel, reading a biography on Constantine, and watching the Olympics. I literally cannot get enough of English and Roman history ever since visiting London in March. I desparately crave to go back one day!

10 things

1. School is almost back in session!
2. Air conditioning. Man, has it been hot outside!
3. A friend like Miranda. She's such a good friend.
4. Blueberry Italian soda.
5. Having a job.

6. Listening to Madeleine Peyroux (You should definitely check her music out).
7. Carnation brand Instant Breakfasts. Just the thing on a hot morning!
8. Biking in the evening.
9. Doing something productive with one's hands.
10. Good, old, obscure books in our school library that I finally have time to read.