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i love my grandmother.

Grandmothers are amazing. Especially mine.

the bittersweet between my teeth.

I know it's been awhile since my birthday, but I wanted to share what I got. And late is better than never, right?

Well, to start off with, some friends planned a surprise 18th birthday party for me two weeks after my actual birthday.. One because I was sick for a week, two I had tons of work to catch up on at work and school, and three because they wanted to make sure to plan it on a date when everyone could come. As a result, I was officially surprised at my surprise birthday party two weeks after my real birthday.  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the party because I didn't think to bring my camera to MY surprise birthday party. haha.

The necklace and jewelry box were from Robin. Funny story, I actually saw her walking around school that morning carrying a bag that said "Betty's Antiques" on it. I even asked her what the occasion was. She prompted to tell me a lie by saying it was her grandma's birthday, and she had just walked over to Betty's A…


Yesterday, after my afternoon class, I came outside to find that my car was completely covered in snow, along with everything else! As I made my way to my car, I saw this man who had a towel in his hand, which was covering something. I got to my car and proceeded to try and find something in my car to scrap of the ice, seeing as how I let my mother use my ice scraper and she never returned it. I found a bottle of juice that I was drinking from that morning, and just decided to use that. Well that thing the man's towel was covering, was a camera. He asked me if he could take a picture for the newspaper of me scraping my windows with my bottle of juice. The article came out this morning, and this is what the caption said:

"Ashley Durham, a freshman at the local university uses a empty juice bottle to clean the snow off her windows after class Monday afternoon."I can't help but laugh at this really really hard. First of all, could he not have taken a more unflattering pi…

i fell in love with you in the fall.

Earrings ($11.99)/ Modcloth
Today, I have some time to relax. Finally!  So, I've decided to indulge myself in some hot green tea, admire my new pretty earrings, and just take it easy.

The process of college is beginning to overwhelm me. Everything from how expensive it is to deciding whether to live on campus or not. I think I'd like to join a sorority, but I'm afraid I'll over load myself with work, school, and other activities I just want to do.

The good thing is, I think I'm going to LOVE college. My experience with it has already been amazing. The thought of being surrounded by a larger diversity of people excites me! And, going to class for eight hours straight never appealed to me, so the time and days between classes seems great.

If you have any advice about college, living on campus, or sororities, I'd love to hear it!!