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pumpkin pickin' with the punkin

Happy Halloween! I hope your pillowcase is full of candy :) 

What did you dress up as?

polk-a-dots and red ribbon

Like? I just finished the front of my post card invitations! ahhh! I'm getting ready for the turning point that begins the next stage of my life and ends the one I'm living now. GRADUATION! I'm beginning to make the invitations already, 7 months in advance. It seems so far away, but I've got to give my invitees enough time to make plans to attend since most of them are family that live out of town. I can't believe it's less than a year away from becoming a actual adult. eep! I get these excited and scared emotions all at once when I think of graduating.
If you've graduated, was graduating a big life changer for you?
Have a good rest of the week! :)

you light my life.

This year the weather has been acting kind of funny. We had an extremely hot summer, almost unbearable. With hardly any rain, the leaves are falling faster than they are changing colors.  I wonder what winter will be like this year?

Have a lovely day! :)

when that mockingbird don't sing

I've been playing with my new camera, and I've got to say...I LOVE IT!

Down the River.

This week is fall break for grade school. My step-father went out of town with my step-brother to see his grandparents in Texas for the week. So, it's mother, brother, and I here alone. We took advantage of this beautiful weather and went to the river walk to have lunch. My brother is very goofy; I was only able to shoot one picture where his eyes weren't closed. haha