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giants peaches and the smell of sweet peach jam

Here are some pictures from my trip to Alabama I  took to see my sister. I took these on the way back home with my phone, so they're not the best quality.

If your ever down in Alabama, stop in Canton. It's peach everything there. literally, haha. Anyways, I had a good time. Anytime I get to see my sisters is always welcome! (If your confused, I have two sisters.) One goes to college in Alabama, and the other lives in Ohio with her mom. They are step-sisters. Kind-of. (It's a long story, and involves a couple of marriages) But, I still consider them my sisters blood or not, and the best ones in the wold at that!

take me back to alabama.

On Thursday, I took a trip down to see my sister in Alabama. She goes to college there. I needed to get away, and she is the perfect excuse to do so. I loved being in the 70-80 degree weather with everything starting to bloom, compared to back home where is was only 43 degrees. I wish she lived closer so badly!

a day out with you.

Today I took my little brother to th Adventure Science Museum and the Farmer's Market in Nashville. It felt good to get out for a little bit. And, it was funny to see Brandon's wheels turning as he tried to build a robot in the robotics exhibit. There was a large tower/jungle gym inside the museum that you can climb and find a fantastic view of Music City at the top. The climb up made me think of how I wish I could be a kid again. I was way too big for all the cool ladders and large body parts (haha, yes, body parts! heart, skin, you name it) to climb to the top if the tower. I had to take the adult stairs while my brother climbed through the various organs and systems and such.