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lion noah

Saturday, Daniel and I went to Noah's birthday party. His birthday party was Thomas the Train themed. During the course of his birthday party, Noah made me "Percy the green train" and he was Thomas. But, then gave the name to his grandma, revoking my privledges of even being a train! He was the cutest little thing with his new doctor's set and scrubs that he got as a present from his grandmother. She made them so he could work at the hospital just like his dad! So adorable! And, I had to take a picture of sweet Molly, Noah's baby sister! Such a sweepy wittle baby!

Oh, and he named his new lion "lion noah." :)

Clair's Camping Trip

My friend, Clair, recently went on a camping trip with her family. She is from France, and we email each other back and forth occassionally. She shared some of the pictures from her trip with me. I just had to share them, because they are absolutely gorgeous!
Hopefully, someday I can visit her!

p.s. Clair shared a cupcake recipe with me from her birthday! I will be sharing that as soon as I try it out!

college starts next week.

My Gregory Peck drawing in progress.

i want to be by your side

Here's the video from mine and Daniel's date yesterday. We went on a picnic and he brought along his portable hammock and read aloud to me. It was a mighty fine day, if you ask me!
Song: By Your Side - The Everybody Fields


I heart lunches with my family, especially at my favorite bakery.

bike ridin'-n-meteor showers

My brother and I are two very different people when it comes to entertainment. Him being a video games person and I a book person. But, riding bikes is an activity that we both love, so it's perfect for bonding time. I love spending time with Brandon, not only because he is my brother, but because he might be the only person to be as goofy and silly as I can be. Also, there is supposed to be a meteor shower tonight, and neither he nor I have ever seen one. So we are currently outside on a blanket eating goldfish and bottle caps waiting for tonight's show.

grandmother's hands.

(These pictures are from when my grandmother was down for my graduation.)

As a gift for my graduation from my grandmother, I wanted pillows made by her. When she flew down, we went straight to Hobby Lobby to pick out some fabric I thought was pretty. Because she sewed them by hand, she worked on my pillows almost the whole time she was down here. I couldn't have asked for anything better, or a better grandmother than Meme!

Now, I've got to find the perfect quilt to go with my pillows!

gregory peck.

So, I have a confession to make...I have a crush on the young Gregory Peck.
I may secretly wish I was Audrey Hepburn in that photo.

good morning.

Getting up in the mornings has never been my forte (actually, getting up at all isn't a strong point of mine, napping is what I do best). I guess I better get used to limited amounts of sleep since college starts this month. I have 8:00am classes all week, and on Monday and Wednesday my latest class ends at 8:30pm. Mother says coffee will become my bestfriend, and sleep will be a long lost relative. Even though I will miss my favorite hobby, I am very excited for college to start, because it means Daniel finally moves up here! We're planning on getting up some mornings and eating breakfast with each other some days, and helping each other study for our classes on others. I've never been this excited for school to start back up!

moving and first dates.

This has been the most exhausting and enjoyable weekend of my life. Daniel's older brother, Aaron and his wife, Lauren, moved on Saturday. So, I spent the day helping Daniel move them in their new home. Although it was extremely hot and humid, I very much enjoyed daydreaming about a future of a newly married life, and moving into a new home...I can foresee it with Daniel!

Daniel and I have been spending time together since May, but decided to take things slow, and didn't make our relationship official until last Thursday. On Sunday, we went on our first official date as a dating couple. It was the most lovely and adventurous thing I have experienced, thus far! I set my wallet on the top of my car while getting gas, and I forgot about it and drove off. Daniel and I sent about an hour or so in the blistering heat looking for it after I finally realized it was missing. Luckily, a lady found it and brought to my house while my mother was home. Afterwards, we went on a picnic to o…