independence weekend.

001 & 002. On Sunday, I went up to the bluff to go rock climbing with my friends Ethan and Jojo, and our friend Drew joined us later. I can't remember the last time I had so many cuts and bruises on my legs. Ouch!

003 & 004. Later that night, Allison (whom we all call "Oopie"), Robert, and Ivy caught up with us to go downtown to the River Walk to watch the annual Fourth of July fireworks. We walked what seemed like forever to find a good spot to see the fireworks. I wore rubber flip flops for the first time this summer (yes, i know summer is half way over, but I hate rubber flip flops!), and I got a disgusting blister from them on my toe. So, I had to walk back to our car barefoot. But, it was well worth it. The fireworks were beautiful!

005 & 006. Today, Momma and I made a flag cake to celebrate our nation's birth. YUM!

007 & 008. What's more patriotic than the American flag on a cake, and pink lemonade?

009 & 010. Sparklers!

011. What was I thinking jumping into our city's sewer system! The perfect explanation, I wasn't thinking at all when I took that plunge into the river. TWICE! Ha! That face I make just as I am about to jump is a face of complete terror and stupidity. Oh, how fun it was!

Happy Birthday, America!


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