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2012 Blog Party!

CaseyDanielle and Alyciahosted a2012 New Year Blog Party that I decided to participate in.
I was paired up with Susan. I have had so much from getting to know more about her via inter-web! When I learned she shares a love of tea with Daniel and I, and co-owns a teashop, I instantly knew I liked this lovely lady! Seriously, Alycia did a wonderful job pairing us up!
What I found in her gift package made my jaw drop to the floor! I mean, seriously, look at these goodies!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Susan!! I seriously loved your gifts!

p.s. You can find what I sent her here. The postal service let me down by sending my package half crushed even with big red writing that said FRAGILE on the front of the box. A lessoned learned indeed!

what we're generally up to.



It feels strange, but I am 19 today. Who knew time would feel like you jumped straight from five into the last year of your teens.

what we did today.

Dear Neighbor,
Is there anything nicer than a relaxing weekend? There might be, but not that we've found. We spent this day not doing anything too exciting or strenuous, rather we just enjoyed each other's company; a rare luxury during our weeks, consumed as they are with school and jobs.
We both slept in this morning, and after a late breakfast and a trip to get some art supplies, Ashley met me at my dormitory, and we indulged in one of our new addictions: PBS's "Downton Abbey"! If you're in the mood for a new show to watch, we'd definitely recommend checking it out. Of course, our Saturday tv parties inevitably become Saturday napping parties...
After supper, we started playing around with Ashley's spiffy new drawing tablet, and the result was the signatures you'll see at the bottom of this post! Being an art major has lots of nifty gadgets that go along with it, and it makes me slightly envious, though not envious enough to abandon my beloved Bun…

first snowfall.

It would appear that winter is finally here in Tennessee! Although states farther north would scoff at how little snow it takes to completely de-rail things here, we rather like it, because it makes lots of opportunities to miss school and stay cozily snuggled up inside. We've gotten a good hard freeze and a little dusting of snow, and decided to the advantage of it and do all kinds of "wintry" things, like going to our university's basketball games, and drinking hot tea(though we don't usually need much of an excuse for that one!).
Things are starting to settle back into a routine here. We've begun our Spring semester at school, and are both starting to have some of our more difficult, upper-level classes. We're also going to join a small group at our church soon, and are very excited to get involved with a regular group.
We always enjoy reading about all the things that are going on in your life, so don't be a stranger!
Sincerely,  Daniel and Ashley

breakfast and a name change.

Today Ashley and I went to breakfast at a little joint in our town which we call "the A-frame". We can never remember the real name, but it's a quaint little diner that's always full of old people and policemen(that's how you know it's tasty!). Unfortunately, once our massive breakfasts arrived, we were too busy digging in to take photographs of our meal; thus, all you get is this little picture of our beverages. 
Also, you might have noticed that this blog's name changed a couple of days ago; that's because Miss Ashley has asked me(Daniel) to share her blog with her! We're excited about showing you some things in our lives that may or may not interest you. So welcome to Tea for Two: a blog about two young people living a fairly normal life!
Sincerely, DanielandAshley