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I got these little sand play cutouts in a Vera Bradley catalog, and thought they would be so cute to play with on the beach! ^ The down side...there is sand everywhere! Especially in my hair!


Saturday finally came, our trip to the beach! The eleven hour drive became almost unbearable, but there couldn't be more that I'd ask for! We have a beach house right up on the beach, and the view just took my breath away when I saw it. After unpacking everything, we went down to the ocean just for walk, but ended up playing in it. I admit, for a girl that's never played in it before I had a lot of fun! It makes me want to join the Coast Guard just to move here.

On Sunday, I got a little time on the beach to do a little relaxing before some rain came through the area. Later, we went to a restaurant called Nibils. I went in with little expectations, but came out a very satisfied girl. They had the best salads/ranch dressing I have eaten in quite a while, and the plate size was much more than any one person can eat, so of course had dinner there as well. :) I don't know about you, but after spending a day in the sun, and having a nice meal in my stomach…

sweet vacation.

So, I have officially one week until I head of to the beach. I've never actually swam in the ocean, I went there once when I was younger, but it was winter, so I of course couldn't swim. But, this summer, I'm going with my boyfriend and his family!It will finally will be some down time from my hardest year of high school, and my frightening first year of college. I want to catch up on some reading, maybe do a little painting, and finally just relax. I can't wait until I smell that heavy scent of salt from the ocean, which I remember very clearly from when I was a child.

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So I finally got myself a laptop.
I will no longer have to share a computer with my mum, thank goodness!
It was on the must get list along with about four other items.
My must get list is of things I either feel like I need to fulfill my relaxation hobbies or what I probably need for what I want to do with my life.
(which I haven't quite decided on yet!
but have some idea of)
But, I still have a year until I have to decide.

So, it is day 4 of no high school classes due to this historic flood here in the valley. Now, the bad weather has gone, and the sun is out! All I want to do is go outside and take pictures of all the pretty flowers that have bloomed! I would have never thought I would spend a week of procrastination due to a flood here! I have some major priority checks to get in place before the end of the term! BECAUSE, I do have a college exam tomorrow. Which I might add, I am very nervous seeing how I lost my book. bleh, is all I have to say about that!

anyways, have a lov…

just thinking.

Well, you know that crazy weather I was talking about in my last blog? It has completely destroyed homes and businesses. The river has overrun it's banks, and has flooded many major roads. It seems like everything is underwater. The main road leading to my house is not a road, but an extension to the river's width. I was so terribly heartbroken when I walked downtown and saw people trying to salvage their belongings out of the little businesses they owned. I felt so blessed to have a house on a hill, with back roads that weren't covered with water that I could travel on.

This has never happened before, in all my time living in the valley. Scary.