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7 months

If I don't have the best boyfriend, then I don't know what I have! Yesterday was our seventh month anniversary since we've been dating. Daniel texted me to come by his dorm room, because he has something special for me. When I got to his dorm, I found some daffodils in an old Starbucks cup and him playing his fiddle. Gosh, I love him!


We are slowly awaiting the arrival of spring in Tennessee. The weather has been absolutely beautiful! But, nothing has sprouted up other than the buttercups. You know the saying "snow on the buttercups?" We're still suspicious whether or not mother winter will show her face again; especially since Tennessee weather tends to be indecisive.  So, we're going to keep our winter boots out a little longer.
Ashley and Daniel

breakfast days.

Daniel and I love to get up on the weekends and go to Starbucks to have breakfast and play cards. It's one of our favorite things to do. We also love the little cat writing on the king card.

Happy Sunday!

lately, i've been listening to...


i always wanted to be a WWI flying ace...

I. The banner Ashley made (and incidentally, biplanes). II. The Brad Mehldau trio. III. Wool socks. IV. Rooibos. V. Physics. VI. Having facial hair again. VII. PBS's "Downton Abbey". VIII. Roman Numerals. IX. The fact that Billy Collins is doing a poetry reading at our school. X. Ashley. Always Ashley.
P.S. Bonus points if you can spot the teacup!

my new obsession.

Especially the tiny ones Daniel gave me for Christmas.


learning to illustrate.

I am so in love with Eleanor Campbell's Americana style illustrations for the Dick and Jane series.
Have a beautiful day.

paints, pastel, charcoal, and graphite.

I just love being an art major.
I'm currently working on my portfolio for scholarships. I can honestly say that I feel really good about my work. 
You know, I actually had no idea I had any talent at all until my sophomore year of high school. I had just moved to a new school, and my art teacher just handed me a paint brush and some paint. She said basically said, "do your thing."  Mrs Bryant was a big believer in "independent study" when it came to art. While I appreciate the guidance and critique my current art professors offer me, I am forever grateful for the lack of restrictions with lots, and lots of leeway, thus my first ever "real" painting was born! A rendition of Thomas Kinkade's I'll be home for Christmas.