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Happy Easter!

Nothing like spending it with your family. My step-brother looks sooo enthused.

every little thing.

1. Love everything and everyone with everything I have. 2. Learn something new everyday. 3. Move forward.


Miranda, she's the one in the picture with the boy;),  is an old friend of mine from elementary school. Our parents used to work at the school together. So, instead of riding a bus home, we stayed an extra hour or so at school and went home with our parents. She was my best friend. We spent so many hours together playing in her mother's 1st grade class room. We used to try and make "secret languages" so the boys (other kids whose parents were teachers or workers at the school, too) couldn't understand us when we talked.

I moved across town (big town) when we got into middle school, and we just kind of grew apart. We always kept in touch via myspace, facebook, email, and sometimes even snail mail. Now, we are rekindling our friendship, and ohhhhh how I've missed her!

Yesterday, I spent the day with Mir and Mary (another sweet girl I go to school with now, who is also friends with Mir). We went to the mall and played video games. We also went to the tennis cou…

postcards from sweden.

I joined a website for penpals! I met a girl from Sweden, who sent me some post cards and such, and a girl from Australia. It's so cool to speak with people from all over the world. They just live in different places, but they're all humans. I have always thought it a good thing to not only appreciate who you are, but other people and their cultures as well.

You should definitely visit the website, and make sure to stop by and see me!


i know why the caged bird sings.

This is one of my favorites poems.

Happy April Fool's Day! :)