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dinner, chess, and guitar

Today was a good day!

first day of summer.

There are many things I am thankful for when it comes to summer.

1. Strawberry Ice cream.
2. The Sunlight.
3. How Colorful Everything Looks.
4. How Warm the Rain Is. (A good reason to play in it!)
(via) I hope you enjoyed the first day of summer!

dad's boots.

Happy Father's Day! I hope it's a good'on.


My family spent the day at my step-father's parent's house (Margret and Wilson) for an early Father's Day celebration. We ate delicious food, played dice, and listened to Margret sing her original song, and I tickled Brandon until he almost wet himself. Brandon was goofy the whole time (the picture with his meat clearly show it), and a little on the rambunctious side. We went outside to try and get Brandon to run off some of his energy. It gave me a chance to admire the house across the street.


I've spent the last week in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with my mother while she was on her business trip. It was so nice to spend some quality time with her! While she went to her classes, I slept in and had some down time until she was finished for the day. There were so many tourists and parking costed a bajillion dollars, so it was just more convenient to walk. There were candy shops and stands selling t-shirts around every corner, and you literally had to walk a mile to even reach "real" food. By the time you were able to reach a restaurant worth eating at and you were able to eat, walking around was actually quite enjoyable.


From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint;
lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Psalm 63:2
I may not have all the answers, or know every detail in the Bible. But, I want to live a life intertwined with Christ in me, my marriage, raising my children, and loving others.

it's just my face.

Okay, so I was looking through some old photographs of mine, and I just happened to stumble across some photos of me from my lifegaurd/church camp counselor days. I was so tan, and why do I have an awkward face in every photo?

that was then.

I know my 18th birthday was several months ago. But, I just now got to scanning in what my grandmother gave me for my birthday, two photo collages of random photos from my childhood. She did good!

The weekend is almost here!


The lady that took our picture told me she got three shots, she actually got two. One of Daniel's feet, and one of me talking. haha!

Today was a rather marvelous and eventful day! My friend Daniel invited me to go kayaking with him. We started off our small trip by meeting each other around lunch time. I brought the lunch, he brought the kayaks! While on the river, it began to storm, so we pulled in and waited the storm out. I got to hear some of his interesting stories and beliefs. After the storm passed, we continued on down the river and I got ran over by a canoe! Literally. The people in the canoe capsized my kayak, so when I went under, so did everything else. I lost my sunglasses, shoes, and Gatorade down the river. However, I found my shoes and Gatorade, but I wasn't so lucky with my sunglasses.

Even with the rain and attacking canoe, it was still a lovely day. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and his company. I'll be sure to take more pictures next time.

Now, it'…

i love birds.

I found this little beauty on sale at TJ Maxx for $4.99. My love of birds may be an obsession. But, I don't care.