sunflower fields and broken wheels.

Handsome, isn't he?! I think so.

I don't even know where to being this post, because I am still in complete amazement and at a loss of words.

Last night, I made plans with Daniel to go on a small road trip to see a sunflower field that he knew about. The area we drove through was absolutely beautiful! After passing the field with no sunflowers planted this year, he decided to make worth out of the trip and show me where he had grown up. The place he had spent his childhood seemed like a place you'd only see in movies. Seriously! It was a small town, with a cute little white house close to neighbors and a general store (ha, yes! A general store!).

One the way back, his car kept making a scratchy/grinding noise. I looked in the side mirror only to find that his back tire was wobbling really bad. So, he pulled into a driveway, and he did the manly thing of tightning the bolts on the tire, and hoped it would be the fix of his wobbly wheel problem. We got back in the car, and drove a few feet down the road only to find that the problem had not gone away, but was much worse. So again, we pulled over. Only, this time we had pulled over right across the street from a welder/mechanic. Talk about blessings! He offered to fix up the car by the next morning. He invited us into his home while we waited for Daniel's brother to come pick us up. Aaron took us back to my house, because we had originally planned for me to cook dinner for Daniel and my family. By the time we got back my family had already eaten, so I made chicken and (digusting!) potatoes on a whim for just us.

Almost 10 o'clock, we figured it was probably good for him to be heading back to his brother's house, whom he'd be spending the night with, since he lives  almost two hours away. As I drove he decided it was the right time to tell me how he really felt. I have never heard such sweet words from someone in my life!

Annnndd...I cried. I cried while he was in the car, I cried when he got out of the car, and I cried all the way home. I cried because I was in complete amazement of what I had just heard. I wasn't expecting something so good, so quickly. I was extremely happy. No... happy isn't even a word I can use to describe the way I felt, because it was much more intense than that. I definitely have feeligs for him, too!

It's amazing to think that everything I prayed for was sitting in my car pouring his heart out to me. God provides even when we are not seeking Him. I remember how angry I was with Him when things didn't work out with Billy. I remember constantly questioning Him, asking why he would allow someone to do such a thing. I see why now. I see after a short six months. This experience has taught me so much about God's plan, and the blessings that he gives you when you actually let Him be in control. God wanted someone far better suited for me, and I couldn't agree more!

Despite the car and my horrible mashed potatoes, our little adventure was more than I could have asked for!

I'm not ready to date yet. But, when I am, I want it to be him.


  1. I know this sounds really weird but when I first saw a picture of you 2 together I thought you made an incredibly cute couple. So glad things have changed for the better for you! All the best for the future. xxx


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