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L is for the way i love you.

Here are some questions that Daniel and I answered from the lovely Katie. These were so much fun to answer! Enjoy!
A. Age: Ashley: 18 Daniel: 18
B. Bed size: Ashley: The best queen pillowtop ever! Daniel: Twin.
C. Chore that you hate: Ashley: Dishes and cleaning the bathroom. Daniel: Watering animals D. Dogs: Ashley: Uhhhh...they're scary, unless they're really, really small. Daniel: Love 'em.
E. Essential start to your day: Ashley: A shower. Daniel: Hot beverage and a text or call from Ashley. Ashley: His answer makes me sound lame ↑
F. Favorite color: Ashley: Yellow and blue. Daniel: Burgundy
G. Gold or Silver: Ashley: Ehh... Daniel: Silver is the classiest color.
H. Height: Ashley: 5'6” Daniel: 5'9.5”
I. Instruments you play: Ashley: None (sad face) Daniel: “Lies! She plays 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' on the guitar!” But, I play piano, violin, and occasional the banjo.
J. Job title: Ashley: legal assistant Daniel: office drone, and farm flunky
K. Kids: Ashley: Puh-leaaaase! Daniel:…

taking you along for the ride.

I'm going to bring you along on my adventure in the university art department for the next four years, if you want to follow, that is! :) Critique is welcome!

The objective of this assignment was to use weight in the lines to indicate shadow.

mark and jennifer's wedding

Last night, my family went to Jennifer's, Taylor's mother, (you can read Taylor's story here) wedding. She looked so pretty, and so did the ranch she had it on. Daniel and I had fun daydreaming about what our wedding will be like!

i love being an art major.

My college art classes are opening up my creative side a little more. I feel the need to just make something all the time. I have had a small taste of other college courses while still being a high school student taking college courses for the last two years and I was never really interested in any subjects. I waited to do my art classes while I was actually in college instead of starting them in high school, because I wanted to finish up some of my core classes. I figured I would enjoy my art classes more, so why not same them for last. And man, was I right! I LOVE my art courses! Rather than being stressed like I was with some of my other general core classes like English and math, going to class is actually a stress reliever! When I am in my drawing class, it's as if the world and it's problems melt away. I can't help but have this feeling the I'm right where I belong when I am in the art department at university. Unlike a lot of college freshmen, I'm not obliv…

Prizor Point Weekend

I spent the weekend with my wonderful friend, Miranda and her family and family friends. She also in brought along another friend of hers, whom I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time this weekend, James. It felt good to get away and enjoy one of the last few days of summer weather this year. (It's supposed to be in the 60's next week!) I got to experience tubing for the first time! How fun that was! But, my body feels like jelly! Agh, my legs and abs hurt soooo bad!

Something Miranda and I realized while we were away for the weekend, we've been friends for 11 years! Wow! I've really never had a better one than her! We became friends in second grade when our parents worked in an elementary school together. I think our friendship is so cool, because we are sooo different. We are interested in different things...hobbies, music, clothes. She likes scary stuff, and I like cute things. Our personalities are different, but, it is so easy to be around her!