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10 things.

1. The South. You can buy sweet tea at just about any restaurant. It's even sold by the gallons in stores here in Tennessee.
2. College. As much as I complain about not getting enough sleep and having to much homework, I do really love college. I'll be sad when I leave.
3. Warm weather. I don't do good when it's cold outside. Don't get me wrong, I love the cold. But, I'm also ready to spend my lazy summer days out by the water.
4. Sleep. Oh, how've missed you during the school year!
5. Fresh bread. I've been able to cook some with all my free time!
6. The pool. Need I say more?
7. A watch. Really, with all the sleeping I'v been doing, I need to make sure I get to work on time!
8. Friends. What better way to spend a summer than with friends
9. Smoothies.
10. A car with great gas mileage. Daniel's gone home for the summer, so it's great to have a reliable car than take me to a place hours away from here.

Franklin Frolic.

All photos are credited to my friend, Brena.
Last weekend, I brought my friend Brena along to visit Daniel. He's home from college for the summer. We planned an outing in Franklin, Tennessee, and we all thought it would be the perfect place and for Brena to take our pictures. Daniel and I had our first date in Franklin nearly two years ago!
Franklin can be considered a sort of "hipsterish" town, bustling with people with a sense of style and a love for coffee, tea, and cute indie shops.
I'm so excited to see our photos soon!

Recipe: Garlic Flatbread

Ingredients: 4 1/2 Cups White Bread Flour (Plus Extra for dusting) 1 1/2 tsp Salt 1 1/2 tsp Active Dry Yeast 6 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil (plus extra for brushing) 1 1/4 cup Lukewarm Water Course Sea Salt Minced Garlic
Directions: 1. Sift flour and salt together into a large bowl. Add yeast.
2. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients, add 4 tablespoons of oil and lukewarm water, and mix until the dough begins to leave the side of the bowl. Dough should be intact, but can be very sticky, but do not add more flour. Turn out unto a lightly covered counter and knead for 10 minutes until smooth and elastic. 
3. Brush bowl with oil. Shape dough into ball and place in bowl. Cover with a damp dish towel. Let rise in a warm place for 1 hour. (I let mine sit outside on the patio table. It is currently 80 degreses outside) Dough should double in size.
4. Preheat oven to 400 degree Fahrenheit/200 degrees Celcius. Place risen dough on dusted counter top and knead for 1 minute. Roll out …

time for the self.

The weather is warmer, but I still delight in warm tea in the morning. Instead of the cold wind of winter, the song of birds is my pleasant company.

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Her Style: Polk-a-dot Peplum

Vintage Ray-Bans - Clothes Mentor // Top & Necklace - Forever 21 // Pants - Gap // Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
First of all, forgive my chipped toe nail polish. No matter how much free time I have, I will never keep up with painting my nails. I've just never been able to do it. An update of my job: I've been working at a gently used clothing store called Clothes Mentor for almost a year now. I need to tell you how much I love it. SO have you ever heard of Plato's Closet? It's really similar, but Clothes Mentor is for women ages 20-55 where they can sell their gently used name brand clothes. A lady brought in these vintage ray-bans to sell, and I just HAD to have them.

Life According to Instagram

Living the life of a college student on summer break. Easy, free, and tan.

a summer goal.

Over the school year, I have little time to actually good myself food that's worth while, so really I eat a bunch of junk. While I would choose not to have it this way, when working and going to school full time, healthy food is something I neglect because I'm always on the go. This summer I have a goal. And that goal is to eat good and bake every single one of the recipes over the summer in the recipe book Daniel gave me on our first anniversary.
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her style: the ocean sea in on me.

Top - Forever 21 // Jean Leggings - Express // Wedges - Target // Watch - Fossil
I'm loving this color block trend that has been hitting stores. If you know me, I'm not one for flashy fashion. I generally only wear one piece of jewelry at a time, aside from my earrings. So it's either my watch, or a necklace, or a bracelet, but not all at once. It's never really been my thing. I feel like color block tee's are a great way to add some spice and attention to your outfit without being like, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT MY FLASHY STUFF! Ya'know what I mean?
I could get used to this relaxed thing. Not having to get up for school, going into work around 10 or 12 and getting out around 3 or 4. SLEEPING IN! It has been great! Truthfully, I haven't had a relaxed summer since I was a sophomore in high school. However, I seem to remember that summer being the most boring summer ever. I suppose now that I'm older free time is such a rare thing now, I consider it pleasurable…

her style: I need a breeze.

Top - Thrift // Jeans - Express // Shoes - Modcloth // Neckalce & Purse - Forever 21
I'll be wearing lots of flowy, light shirts this summer, because I feel like Tennessee's weather goes from extremely cold to extremely hot in a matter of about two weeks. I want to feel the breeze in this humid place. We seem to have a really short in-between period of just beautiful weather that is bearable. But, I'm really not complaining about this warm weather, because I'll spending most of my summer days by the pool and working on crafty projects (Which I am sooo excited about, because I never have to to do such things when college is in session). 
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Summer Snacks: Pretzel Chips and Sabra Hummus

This makes for a delicious summer snack with a small amount of fat. And, it's completely vegan.

These Feet: Trinidad & Tobago

It's true, the sayings about you never knowing what you have until it's gone or what a person has been through until you walk a mile in his shoes.
I had the opportunity to travel abroad with a group of students from my university and work with Habitat for Humanity to help build three different houses for families in need. The landscape of the country had breath-taking beauty with it's beautiful beaches and mountains that scraped the skys. But, the poverty is unreal and heart-breaking.