10 things.

1. The South. You can buy sweet tea at just about any restaurant. It's even sold by the gallons in stores here in Tennessee.
2. College. As much as I complain about not getting enough sleep and having to much homework, I do really love college. I'll be sad when I leave.
3. Warm weather. I don't do good when it's cold outside. Don't get me wrong, I love the cold. But, I'm also ready to spend my lazy summer days out by the water.
4. Sleep. Oh, how've missed you during the school year!
5. Fresh bread. I've been able to cook some with all my free time!
6. The pool. Need I say more?
7. A watch. Really, with all the sleeping I'v been doing, I need to make sure I get to work on time!
8. Friends. What better way to spend a summer than with friends
9. Smoothies.
10. A car with great gas mileage. Daniel's gone home for the summer, so it's great to have a reliable car than take me to a place hours away from here.


  1. Adorable list. I love that photo. Everything taste better in a Mason jar ;)

  2. love this list. hope you have a beautiful weekend :)


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