Franklin Frolic.

All photos are credited to my friend, Brena.

Last weekend, I brought my friend Brena along to visit Daniel. He's home from college for the summer. We planned an outing in Franklin, Tennessee, and we all thought it would be the perfect place and for Brena to take our pictures. Daniel and I had our first date in Franklin nearly two years ago!

Franklin can be considered a sort of "hipsterish" town, bustling with people with a sense of style and a love for coffee, tea, and cute indie shops.

I'm so excited to see our photos soon!


  1. Gorgeous photos, sounds like a brilliant place to hang out!


  2. I go to Vandy and I love taking trips to Franklin. It's so cute!


  3. Oh yay I've found another awesome Tennessee blogger! I'm taking my grandparents to Franklin this weekend :)


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