i want to illustrate children's books.

When I was registering for my classes for Fall 2012 semester, I got really frustrated because I wanted to fit almost every class into one semester. I was constantly adding and dropping classes; I just couldn't make up my mind as to what I wanted to take first, a class the I am desperately desiring to take, or a prerequisite that I need to eventually take. Agh! You guys, I just love being an art major! I have so much to learn, and I'm ready to just soak all of it up! Sadly, I have to learn in increments of semesters rather than doing everything at once. Now the spring semester is all over and done with, and I am anticipating summer classes in a month. You may think me lame, but I just couldn't go a WHOLE three-and-a-half months without taking another class to learn new design applications and techniques.

This semester was spent finishing up all of my foundation classes, so I spent much of my time experimenting with printing techniques and watercolor on my own. I'm so happy with what I've produced. What do you think, are my greeting cards worthy of merrily greeting someone? So much so, that I've taken a deep interest in watercolor, illustration, and children's literature. Writing and illustrating children's books is something I could do and be completely content doing for the rest of my life. So, we'll see where my new found love for these things take me!



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  2. I think your cards are pretty! Such a sweet, delicate style

  3. Holy wow, your handpainted cards are so beautiful and elegant!

  4. These are incredibly intricate and beautiful!


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