10 things

01. My hands are so small that I have to hold Daniel's pinky and ring finger. 
02.The beautiful flowers and greenery that have consumed Tennessee.
03. Sandal weather!
04. Daniel's sister -in-law is having a baby girl!
05. I found out my university is going to offer a class  for Adobe Premier.
06. Kinfolk Magazine. You guys, I 'm so in love!
07. English Rock Cake.
08. Clips to keep my "to-short /too-long stage" bangs back. 
09. Our new blog layout.
10. The stuff I'm learning in my web design class.



  1. i wish my university offered a class for adobe!!

  2. I love this picture! And the 10 things are pretty awesome too! :) Hope you're doing well! Happy Monday!

  3. Oh how Iove thinking of all the things I enjoy in life, I should start making lists like this...lovely, simply blog layout too, definitely a good one to love! :)

    1. I agree, this list makes me all that more happier when I go back and read it, too!


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