Day One: Bus and Boat Tour

The first day we arrived in London was quite miserable for me. We landed in London around six o'clock in the morning, and by that time we had been up for nearly 40 hours. We weren't allowed to lay down or take a nap as soon as we got to our hotel; it was a measure to fight jet lag our trip's administrator's came up with. Instead we went on a bus and boat tour. The very fact that we were in London did not really occur to me on the first day because I was suffering from fatigue.


I was so overwhelmed the first day that I didn't ever really feel all that tired, just hungry and cold; there was so much interesting stuff to see, I couldn't possibly have felt sleepy! We stayed up alllllll day in order to fight the jet lag, and that was the longest I have ever been awake (it wound up being just shy of 40 hours).

     P.S. Airline food isn't nearly as bad as everyone says.



  1. Beautiful pictures, and I agree with Daniel...airplane food really isn't that bad! :) I used to live in London, and I hope it shows you a wonderful time!


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