Day Three: Westminster Abby

Unfortunately, these pictures do not give this 1,000 year old church justice! It is so breath-taking, with marvelous sculptures that decorate the exterior and interior of the building. This is the church that the recent Royal Wedding took place in. I wish we were able to take pictures of the inside, because it held beautifully crafted tombs of past kings and queen of England. It was, however, kind of creepy that there are over 2,000 people buried in the floor.

Also, the best decision we made on our trip. We brought our L.L. Bean boots. With London's weather being really, really cold and really, really wet, we were really toasty and dry.


Westminster Abbey is incredible. It's really difficult for me to describe how awe-inspiring it was to stand there in a medieval church surrounded by the graves of all of England's best and brightest. I'm a huge Isaac Newton geek, and so getting to see his grave was special. Ashley and I also attended an Evensong service with a few friends, and their choir is nothing short of amazing. If you're in England, the one thing you absolutely must see is Westminster Abbey.


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  1. wow how beautiful - this really is stunning, i'm so jealous, i've never been to Westminister! you must have been in such shock! this post (and love the boots!)

    1. why thank you! It was definitely a culture shock for us! Everything in the USA that's considered old is maybe 200-300 hundred years old, but in London, it was 3,000-1,000 years old to be considered old!

  2. Gah! I'm going here next month and I'm so excited! seeing these photos just made me 1000x more impatient!

    found the route


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