bike ridin'-n-meteor showers

My brother and I are two very different people when it comes to entertainment. Him being a video games person and I a book person. But, riding bikes is an activity that we both love, so it's perfect for bonding time. I love spending time with Brandon, not only because he is my brother, but because he might be the only person to be as goofy and silly as I can be.
Also, there is supposed to be a meteor shower tonight, and neither he nor I have ever seen one. So we are currently outside on a blanket eating goldfish and bottle caps waiting for tonight's show.


  1. Oh man I wanna go for a wirde now...pity it's so cold here. Cute bike by the way :D

  2. I wish the lights in Clarksville weren't so bright. You could see three times as many because the sky would be so much darker, and more beautiful.


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