moving and first dates.

This has been the most exhausting and enjoyable weekend of my life. Daniel's older brother, Aaron and his wife, Lauren, moved on Saturday. So, I spent the day helping Daniel move them in their new home. Although it was extremely hot and humid, I very much enjoyed daydreaming about a future of a newly married life, and moving into a new home...I can foresee it with Daniel!

Daniel and I have been spending time together since May, but decided to take things slow, and didn't make our relationship official until last Thursday. On Sunday, we went on our first official date as a dating couple. It was the most lovely and adventurous thing I have experienced, thus far! I set my wallet on the top of my car while getting gas, and I forgot about it and drove off. Daniel and I sent about an hour or so in the blistering heat looking for it after I finally realized it was missing. Luckily, a lady found it and brought to my house while my mother was home. Afterwards, we went on a picnic to one of my favorite parks for a couple of hours. We ate, napped, and played in the water unti we decided we would like to move to an air conditioned area.

While driving, Daniel noticed an older lady hunched over her car engine in need of some help. The sweet, kind young man that he is, he wanted to stop and help her out. I didn't mind at all, because I got to admire is strong hands working on her car! After helping the lady, we spent the rest of our time playing cards at Starbucks and wishing we had more time before he had to be back home early so he could get up for work.

My weekend with him was so lovely! I miss him!

Oh, and he grew his goatee out just for me! I love it, don't you?


  1. Reading this and looking at your photos give me such a warm fuzzy feeling. So cute! I wish you the best!


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