Yesterday, after my afternoon class, I came outside to find that my car was completely covered in snow, along with everything else! As I made my way to my car, I saw this man who had a towel in his hand, which was covering something. I got to my car and proceeded to try and find something in my car to scrap of the ice, seeing as how I let my mother use my ice scraper and she never returned it. I found a bottle of juice that I was drinking from that morning, and just decided to use that. Well that thing the man's towel was covering, was a camera. He asked me if he could take a picture for the newspaper of me scraping my windows with my bottle of juice. The article came out this morning, and this is what the caption said:

"Ashley Durham, a freshman at the local university uses a empty juice bottle to clean the snow off her windows after class Monday afternoon."
I can't help but laugh at this really really hard. First of all, could he not have taken a more unflattering picture? And second, my bottle of juice wasn't empty, it was half full! Third, I'm not a freshmen in college yet. And fourth, I've never seen so much snow in the south in my life!
Haha, anyways. Have a lovely day!


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