i fell in love with you in the fall.

 Earrings ($11.99)/ Modcloth

Today, I have some time to relax. Finally!  So, I've decided to indulge myself in some hot green tea, admire my new pretty earrings, and just take it easy.

The process of college is beginning to overwhelm me. Everything from how expensive it is to deciding whether to live on campus or not. I think I'd like to join a sorority, but I'm afraid I'll over load myself with work, school, and other activities I just want to do.

The good thing is, I think I'm going to LOVE college. My experience with it has already been amazing. The thought of being surrounded by a larger diversity of people excites me! And, going to class for eight hours straight never appealed to me, so the time and days between classes seems great.

If you have any advice about college, living on campus, or sororities, I'd love to hear it!!


  1. great pictures! as far as advice goes, just remember to take time to breathe! ZEN! :)
    have a lovely Sunday lady:)

  2. join the sorority despite your worries of overload. being involved and putting yourself in a situation that allows you to have instant friends on campus is the best way to start college. i wasn't a fan of college until the semester i joined a sorority. love it now.


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