the bittersweet between my teeth.

I know it's been awhile since my birthday, but I wanted to share what I got. And late is better than never, right?

Well, to start off with, some friends planned a surprise 18th birthday party for me two weeks after my actual birthday.. One because I was sick for a week, two I had tons of work to catch up on at work and school, and three because they wanted to make sure to plan it on a date when everyone could come. As a result, I was officially surprised at my surprise birthday party two weeks after my real birthday.  Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of the party because I didn't think to bring my camera to MY surprise birthday party. haha.

The necklace and jewelry box were from Robin. Funny story, I actually saw her walking around school that morning carrying a bag that said "Betty's Antiques" on it. I even asked her what the occasion was. She prompted to tell me a lie by saying it was her grandma's birthday, and she had just walked over to Betty's Antiques to buy her a present. HA! And, I totally believed her! I loved her grandmother's gift!

My friend Mary made me the prettiest hand-made necklace! She is soo crafty, and comes up with the neatest ideas for jewelry. It makes me jealous;)

I bought myself the Polaroid Notes and the hot shots photography book from Books-a-Million. I had been eying them for a couple weeks. I finally decided it was time to get them since I had a reason to this time:)

I got plenty more from good friends and family. Mainly money and gift cards. Apparently I can be hard to buy for.

I don't think so, I like anything that's fuzzy or cute!


  1. perfect birthday gift! today when i was shopping at stadium (paris) i dreamed all amazing photographe books...


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