the sweetest gift!

Last Christmas, I gave away a small Christmas tree ornament that I had made myself as way to say thank you to my followers. A girl that had so kindly left the sweetest comments on my blog won that little gift.

We became friend on Facebook and would exchange conversations. She lately told me she had a gift she would really like to send me!

Victoria sent me the most gorgeous tea box you have ever seen with such a kind note!  I am overwhelmed by how generous her gift was! Thank you, thank you, Victoria!

Go read her blog. And, if you can't read German, she take beautiful pictures!



  1. I searched so long for something special and never get into this shop in our mall. I hoped you would like it! Your welcome and I hope we stay in contact! You take beautiful pictures, too! Thank you, this means so much to me.

    I hope you'll write me back!

    Love, Victoria.

  2. That's so sweet. Friends are truly the best gift.

    xo, Adriana.
    Horses of Ares

  3. That is so sweet :) Checking out her blog now!

  4. You guys are so creative, love your blog!

  5. That's really sweet! And the box is absolutely adorable :)

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