weekend fun.

Daniel got a job as a resident assistant at school, so he's busy training for that. Meanwhile, I spent my weekend with lovely friends eating hot dogs and smores by a campfire.

Summer is almost over and school starts back August 27. Fall weather, scarves and boots are in sight!


p.s. please do tell me about your weekend!


  1. Love nighttime pictures :) I too am super excited about fall weather and clothing! You can read about my weekend here: http://mccfisch.blogspot.com/

  2. I love the fairy lights! What a great way to light up an outdoors space :)
    Sound like you have a lovely weekend x

  3. same feelings are floating around here. school is coming and we just have to spend the last few summer nights with friends. your weekend looks so very summery and wonderful.

  4. aww congrats to daniel! so sad that the summer is almost over - but my boyfriend and i just had a camping trip and it was lovely...i adore your photos x

  5. Looks like such a sweet weekend!

    P.S. I love the name of your blog so much. :)


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