what we did today.

Who knew our university mascot was Richard Nixon?

 Dear Neighbor,

Is there anything nicer than a relaxing weekend? There might be, but not that we've found. We spent this day not doing anything too exciting or strenuous, rather we just enjoyed each other's company; a rare luxury during our weeks, consumed as they are with school and jobs.

We both slept in this morning, and after a late breakfast and a trip to get some art supplies, Ashley met me at my dormitory, and we indulged in one of our new addictions: PBS's "Downton Abbey"! If you're in the mood for a new show to watch, we'd definitely recommend checking it out. Of course, our Saturday tv parties inevitably become Saturday napping parties...

After supper, we started playing around with Ashley's spiffy new drawing tablet, and the result was the signatures you'll see at the bottom of this post! Being an art major has lots of nifty gadgets that go along with it, and it makes me slightly envious, though not envious enough to abandon my beloved Bunsen burner for a piece of chalk.

Finally, we decided to show our school spirit by attending a university basketball game, and we had a great time as always, enjoying seeing friends and celebrating a nail-bitingly close win for our beloved Govs. There's such an enjoyable spirit in the air at a school event, and we look forward to attending games even when we've been married for years.

All in all, it's hard to imagine a day that could be much more satisfying than this. But who knows? We've got two more days of weekend to go!


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