what i loved about this weekend.

001. Spending it with a lovely man.
I'm not a high speed kind of person at all. I enjoy weekends at home, watching movies, and just making conversation while playing a card game., and occasionally going out. Daniel's the same way. We spent this weekend walking leisurely walking about the Farmer's Market, enjoying some coffee and donuts, and daydreaming about our life together while driving home on the back roads.

002. Gourmet Burgers
If you know me, you'd know that a burgers is one of my favorite foods! I have never been to Red Robin's Gourmet Burgers, so we stopped for some. Uh, DELICIOUS! 

003. Completing two things on our Fall to-do list.
We made plans to go to an apple orchard this weekend, but when we got there, all the apples had been picked. Not letting that spoil our trip, we stopped by the little country store that was at the orchard. I tell you, the smell of Fall was that little store. Apple cider, sweet jellies, yum, yum, yum. We picked up some apple cider and blackberry cider to freeze and save for Thanksgiving. Afterwards we dropped by Nashville Farmer's Market and got a pumpkin to carve, some apples, and a few little Fall decorating gourds.

004. Dunkin' Donuts
Need I say more?


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