this weekend.

The weekend was rather wonderful. Most of the time spent was with family and just relaxing. I think my favorite kind of days are those where you wake up, and you have no crucial schedule you need to attend too, so you just lay in bed and and savor the calmness of the morning and the take delight in the soft light that has seeped through your window to greet you. The rest of the day unfolds by you doing what ever you feel like doing. A little thrifting, a nap here or there, a movie that you can't stay awake through, so you fall asleep just because you can, cuddling with your sweetie under a soft blanket, breathing in the crisp fall air, and spending time with people who mean a lot to you.

That was this weekend.


  1. What a lovely fall weekend and beautiful pictures!

    Liesl :)

  2. Awesome. I'm happy you have had those days for fall break :) Personally I like being fed breakfast in bed ;) hahahaha that would complete my morning!!

  3. Aw, you're adorable and I want to be your best friend!

  4. Those are the most perfect weekends. There's nothing better than having a hectic week and then enjoying a laid back weekend. I love the pictures, your cat is super cute.


  5. Those are my dream weekends! You just go where the moment takes you! perfect!
    glad I found your blog today! It's so sweet!

  6. You are beautiful! Love this post. I'm visiting here from sometimessweet and I'm glad she mentioned you. I really like your blog! <3


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