i love being an art major.

My college art classes are opening up my creative side a little more. I feel the need to just make something all the time. I have had a small taste of other college courses while still being a high school student taking college courses for the last two years and I was never really interested in any subjects. I waited to do my art classes while I was actually in college instead of starting them in high school, because I wanted to finish up some of my core classes. I figured I would enjoy my art classes more, so why not same them for last. And man, was I right! I LOVE my art courses! Rather than being stressed like I was with some of my other general core classes like English and math, going to class is actually a stress reliever! When I am in my drawing class, it's as if the world and it's problems melt away. I can't help but have this feeling the I'm right where I belong when I am in the art department at university. Unlike a lot of college freshmen, I'm not oblivious as to what road I want to take when thinking about a major. It's an extremely satisfying feeling knowing that I am on the path that I am most happy with.

As a result, I am bursting at the seems with creativity, and I want to try some new projects!

 1. Sarah's glass etching tutorial looks so cool! I really, really want to try this!

2. Tara made a neat template for a moustache-on-a-stick.

3. Bunting flags are so cute! Especially when you make them yourself. This tutorial is a huge help!

4Leigh Anne made this chalkboard, and she shows you how to do it.


  1. i love the bunting template! I will be using this!

  2. this is some great inspiration! I'm going to have to use some of this for my DIYs =) just stumbled by your blog and i really like it! Want to follow each other (only if you like my blog of course ;))



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