his style: Sunday Casual

Thrifted(very ancient wool)- Sweater Vest // L.L. Bean - Shirt // Polo - Bow tie  //  L.L. Bean - Boots

When people(especially young men) decide to start dressing well, they usually tend to go overboard with accessories, and hence wind up looking like they're wearing a costume. I try to avoid this by wearing no more than one 'loud' accessory at a time. In this case it's one of my favorite bowties. I love the color, and the geometric pattern is nice and subtle.

L.L. Bean makes my favorite button-down shirts. They're a little stiffer feeling than Brooks Brothers, etc, and I like that when I'm wearing a tie with a shirt. I'm also a very avid supporter of the classic Bean boot, which has been keeping my feet warm since I was a child.


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