Travel: New Orleans

Around mid-October, I went to New Orleans for the ACP/CMA National College Media Convention with my university's newspaper.

The city is rich with jazz music, delicious food, and plenty of nude people roaming the bustling city night life. I stayed in the French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in the city. Although it's called the "French Quarter," the beautiful architecture is influenced by Spanish tastes, under whom the city was ruled at the time the area was built.

The sites I visited:

1. The French Quarter
2. Café du Monde
- "The original French Coffee Stand." Oh the beignets! French donuts covered in powdered sugar. My mouth never tasted such a thing! You must try them if you go to New Orleans.
3. Bourbon Street
- The is the reason mont people come to New Orleans. Parties all over the street. Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties. Nude Parties. Every where. Don't go to Bourbon Street if you can't handle the smell of alcohol, weed, and nudity.
4. The Andrew Jackson Memorial
- While I agree with any human being that Andrew Jackson was a terrible man, I just wanted to see a piece of history. And, I was walking distance from my hotel.
5. The Saint Louis Cathedral
- I didn't do the tour because we just didn't have time, but I stepped inside really quick to see if the beauty on the inside matched the outside. I was right, it did.

We also got to see the annual Halloween Parade, which was rad, let me tell you!

If you've been to New Orleans, and did something else I didn't do, tell me about it!

I'm doing Huffington Post's 20 Cities for 20 somethings, if you want to join in traveling with me!


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