a dwindling era.

I'm trying to remember mental images from this flying time in my life. Do you do that? It feels like yesterday I graduated from high school. I feel different from the way I did when I walked across the stage to grab the end of my childhood on a piece of paper. More grown, more mature, and a better grasp at what I want out of life. I'm counting down the days until I walk across that stage again, only this time to grab the start of real adulthood. College is a limbo of sorts, you're stuck between not actually being a child and not actually being an adult. My limbo is drawing towards it's end. This is my last spring semester as an undergraduate. I finish up my final computer science classes next semester, complete an internship during the summer, and walk that short journey to my diploma in August.

Am I sad that this beautiful time in my life is coming to an end? No. College has been one of the hardest things I have done thus far. Feelings of inadequacy crept in often. "Can I do this? Can I complete? I'm just so tired, I just want to lye down. But, If I fail, I'll never forgive myself." These feelings often came from seeing other students having the time to study, being smarter or better at something than me, or even having parents to help them get through college. Truthfully, hardly any university student that cared had time, and I'm better at other things than these students I was comparing myself to for so long. I'm not graduating with a 4.0 or getting any kind of recognition for being the top in my class. But, I'm graduating. I'm graduating, because I worked hard. I got to travel and participate in things that will have forever changed my life. I've done things most college students never had the opportunity to do. I'm thankful for that.

I'm not sad. But, I will miss it.


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