her style: it's really, really cold in tennnessee.

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The weather has been soooo crazy in Tennessee the last week or so. It will go from 70 degrees to 14  and snowy the next day. Crazy!

Walking around on campus is miserable when it is so cold and super windy. Lots of layers is the key to keeping warm. And, if your a college student, you know waterproof shoes are a lifesaver! I love, love, love my L.L. Bean boots.



  1. So so pretty! Hope it gets warmer soon :)

  2. Sounds like you've nailed our weather perfectly. It's miserable! Thank goodness that groundhog didn't see his shadow. Looks like spring is coming early this year :)

  3. you have such cute style! i love your blog! i'm hooked :) so glad i found it!


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