her style: it's sweater weather.

jumper, legging, ballet flats - Forever 21
watch, gold bracelets- Thrifty find
Vintage Dooney and Burke purse - This Etsy Shop 

It is almost sweater weather in Tennessee! This week isn't supposed to get over 80, with most days being around 70. I'm cold natured, so a knit jumper is perfect for me.

I started a second job at a resale store for women a few weeks ago. You may find this surprising, but I dislike shopping. I love fashion and clothes. Shoes, dresses, purses, you name it! But, I don't find enjoyment out of walking around a mall for hours just browsing. I'm a huge online shopper. Anyways, I feel like all the cutest clothes come right to me since I have been working at the new job! Women bring in their new/gently used name brand clothing items, and we buy and resell them.  I LOVE it! I have a feeling most of my wardrobe will come from my new job. Ha!



  1. Replies
    1. I bought it from this Etsy Shop! :-D

  2. I'm the same way...love fashion but hate looking around for new things to wear. I wish it would just come to me magically...if only.

  3. I love your bag so much!! And your bracelets are so pretty!

    xx Aliya

  4. the bracelet/watch combi is just lovely! Wish I could stand wearing things on my wrists xx

  5. I love this look! Your bracelets and watch are so pretty together! Just found your blog from Crowley Party, I'm your newest follower :)

  6. You are too cute for words. I absolutely love this outfit.


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