If you've been reading for very long, you'll know that we're definitely big breakfast people here, and it's a common part of our everyday routine to get up early and go eat a good big breakfast. A lot of people don't like doing the same things all the time, and while it's true that Miss Ashley and I like to try new things and be adventurous, we also love sticking to our routine. It's nice to have your baristas know your name, and know what you want to order. It's ever so nice to fill your life with people and routines that you can depend on. So even if you're a rolling stone, why don't you try a little consistency, every now and then? It's good for the soul, you know.



  1. Sooo true, M and I just moved to a street full of bars/cafes and we're just starting to become regulars and we love it.

    Happy Monday

  2. Breakfast is my favourite! xx

  3. Very true! I think a certain routine is good, and feels comforting! I love your new layout by the way!! x


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