major change.


After a whole year of being a chemistry major, I have grown less and less excited about being a chemist, and have grown more and more interested in my mathematics courses. So, after lots of consideration, I've decided to change my major to math! One of the big reasons I'm able to make this decision is because of Miss Ashley's support, and her willingness to accept that I might have to spend an extra semester in school. I'm awful grateful that she's willing to stick with me through any sort of change-up, and that she's always such a good sport! Life is so much better when you have the right person with whom to share it.



  1. Love reading through your blog. And I bid Daniel good luck on his future. And congrats on the engagement!

  2. Good luck on your new adventure. :)

  3. Hey Daniel,

    I am a Junior at Humboldt State University as a mathematics major so i feel your enthusiasm and am happy to see Ashley is so supportive as my other is with my goals.

    Katie Bottenberg

  4. A very dear friend of mine is completely obsessed with mathematics. He wants to become a researcher. I've always hated mathematics, but the passion in his eyes when he talks about it is infectious. I can only hope you're just as passionate, 'cause if you are, I can't imagine how amazing studying will be!

    Annabelle x


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