have yourself a cold drink.


Our local coffee shop (which happens to be next door to Ashley's office) makes an Italian Soda to which we are completely addicted! There's not much to it; it's just seltzer water and flavored syrup, but it makes a perfect summer refreshment, and is only slightly sweet. We certainly hope your summer is everything you hoped for.

Daniel and Ashley


  1. i just love your guys' blog. and ashley, your hair is so so cute. glad you two are having a lovely summer!

  2. i LOVE italian soda. totally love it. this looks like an adorable coffee shop.

    <3 katherine
    current giveaway on of corgis & cocktails

  3. oh man....we have one of those places in our small town. Local coffee shop that makes the best (how can one be better than another ?..I don't know...just is ) italian soda! our current favorite ( and obsession ) is Strawberry coconut!

    Just found your blog! Love it so far! :)

  4. Awesome blog & beautiful pictures. Keep up the outstanding work & be sure 2 keep in touch.

    Peace!....with 2 fingers;)


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