England Day Four: Stonehenge

Day four was by far my favorite day! I find it really hard to wrap my mind around a structure that is more than 3,000 years old! Did you know, scientist know this is a man made structure, because the rocks  that make up the structure are not naturally found any where near this area? The closest area you can find them are about 150 miles away. Scientist believe that who ever built them brought them here by floating them down the river, Avon. There are large hills scattered about the area that are actually mass graves that contain peoples from the time period of Stonehenge. Mind Blowing!

Man, was it windy! Of course, you can't tell by our frigid bodies, the way Daniel's hair and my scarf look like they are going to blow away, or how my face is almost completed covered.


Stonehenge was so fascinating! It's hard to wrap my mind around the sheer age of the place, and the lifestyle of the people who lived there. We Americans tend to have an inferiority complex about the oh so civilized English (if you want to test this, ask someone to impersonate a snob, and see what accent they use), and it's interesting to think that their ancestors were just as "primitive" as ours. Also, the wind was about to knock us off our feet! Overall, a very satisfying day.



  1. Yay for England!! Stonehenge is such an amazing place. Everytime I drive to visit my dad I go past it. Looks pretty cold there :D x

  2. I have never been to Stonehenge (Tthat I remember - My family lived in Devon when I was young, but I don't think we ever went, or if we did, I don't remember it). I never even really thought about how the rocks got there, and I had no idea it was a mystery, or how old it was. Jeeze, well now I know! haha.


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