illustration love.

(In order from left to right)
1. Mary Blair 2.Kelly Murray 3.Gyo Fujikawa
4.Eleanor Campbell 5.Norman Rockwell  6.Emily Winfield Martin
As I continue this journey through art school, my appreciation for certain types of art has become more prominent. I'm an illustrator at heart. I love the flatness of Mary Blair's style, and the beautful colors on the cheeks of children at play of Eleanor Campbell and Norman Rockwell's illustrations. My favorite modern take it Kelly Murray and Emily Winfield Martin's vintage styles.


  1. Those are all lovely. I am drawn to the same style of illustrations. They always make me what to break out the old sketchbook and discover my love of drawing :)

  2. Hi lovely, I am an avid follower of yours and I love your blog! so I would like to extent the olive branch and offer you this opportunity:

    Happy Decemember!
    Mary from


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