The lady that took our picture told me she got three shots, she actually got two. One of Daniel's feet, and one of me talking. haha!

Today was a rather marvelous and eventful day! My friend Daniel invited me to go kayaking with him. We started off our small trip by meeting each other around lunch time. I brought the lunch, he brought the kayaks! While on the river, it began to storm, so we pulled in and waited the storm out. I got to hear some of his interesting stories and beliefs. After the storm passed, we continued on down the river and I got ran over by a canoe! Literally. The people in the canoe capsized my kayak, so when I went under, so did everything else. I lost my sunglasses, shoes, and Gatorade down the river. However, I found my shoes and Gatorade, but I wasn't so lucky with my sunglasses.

Even with the rain and attacking canoe, it was still a lovely day. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and his company. I'll be sure to take more pictures next time.

Now, it's time for me to relax and curl up in bed with a cup of tea, and watch a movie on Netflix.


  1. Not cool being attacked! But fun none the less :D


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