a day out with you.

Today I took my little brother to th Adventure Science Museum and the Farmer's Market in Nashville. It felt good to get out for a little bit. And, it was funny to see Brandon's wheels turning as he tried to build a robot in the robotics exhibit. There was a large tower/jungle gym inside the museum that you can climb and find a fantastic view of Music City at the top. The climb up made me think of how I wish I could be a kid again. I was way too big for all the cool ladders and large body parts (haha, yes, body parts! heart, skin, you name it) to climb to the top if the tower. I had to take the adult stairs while my brother climbed through the various organs and systems and such.


  1. sounds like a wonderful time!
    Our farmers market in Memphis opens up in April! & I totally can't wait...it is one of the pleasures of life I love :)


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