pumpkin spice candle

oh what a day, what a day! I started my new job yesterday, and today...I got sick at my new job. Talk about embarrassing. oh well. I did surprisingly manage to hold my stomach until I got home though. yuckk, I hate throwing up.
While I'm at home miserable and lying in bed, I'm smelling my pumpkin spice candle. It gets me ready for the holidays- family, friends, food, great smells, the lights, Christmas trees, and presents. Oh, how I love the holidays!
As I've gotten older, my appreciation for things have grown a ton! But, I always find I need give thanks more often than not.

I am thankful for:

1. A loving mother who has worked hard to provide things that she went without as child. She has shown me things that matter in life- never give up no matter how tough it gets, give it your all, and love hard.

2. A new job that pays well. I work with nice people and in a nice environment. 

3. The family time when the holiday season rolls around.


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