It's a sister thing.

 It's hard to believe these pictures were taken over 10 years ago of my sisters and me. They are technically my "step-sisters," but who cares, I love them either way!  Brittani (right) is a year older than me, and is going to college this year! I looked up to her, she was my role model, everything I wanted to be when I was a year older, and she still is. It's so hard to believe that time has gone so fast, it seems like yesterday we were still 4 years old, and running around the house naked. Bridget (left) is my age, and like me, will be finishing her senior year in high school. She was my partner in crime, we shared the same room, and Brittani had her own room next to ours. We would stay up real late and make as many loud noises as we could just to annoy her. We used to get in so much trouble together.


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